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Bodhi Method

Means 'one who has awakened to spiritual enlightenment'. Method means a 'process to a discipline'.  With my coaching practice I teach client's the daily art of self-awareness, using holistic nutrition for clarity, movement of the body to connect and release energy. meditation exercises to find strength within.  This creates a synergy of wellness of the mind, body & spirit.  A process and discipline that supports us for life. 


Danielle has a powerful gift and desire to help guide aspiring individuals in achieving their life goals and harness their innate gifts; by using a unique blend of health, wellness, holistic nutrition, fitness, energy work, life and spiritual coaching.

- Abby (client of 4 years)


Spiritual Life Coaching

We have the ability to change! Working with clients in an intimate relationship helps with having the ability to uncover and release everything that is blocking them from being a beautiful source of light and a happier version of themselves. Together we work through limiting beliefs and discover the authentic sense of self. Our truths! We will align your life's compass, opening a path of what your heart truly desires.


Holistic Nutrition

Changing eating patterns is so empowering! It impacts how we feel physically and emotionally. When we feel great about ourselves inside and out we radiate energy and navigate life in an entirely different way from life goals, to dreams and relationships. We develop a certain level of confidence! Having the guidance and knowledge with nutritional coaching sets a strong foundation for success long term.


Pilates Reformer

Fast and Comprehensive Results! You may even notice greater definition in your arms, legs and abs after just a few months of consistent work on the reformer. You'll look taller, slimmer and sleeker as a result of regular reformer work.


Restorative Yoga, Meditation & Reiki Energy Healing

When you meditate, you enter a space of internal expansiveness, calm, and joy. The result is feelings of expansiveness, calm, and joy in waking life, which has an effect on our interactions with others and the world around us.

With this unique combination of practices and tools; together we create a beautiful space for self-love, trusting your inner-knowing, embracing the unknown, and creating a life of inspiration.

- Danielle Delorefice

CTA, ACSTH Life Coaching Certified, Holistic Nutrition NANP Certified, Fitness CPT, NASM, ACE, AFAA, Yoga & Meditation Practitioner Certified,  STOTT Pilates Reformer Practitioner Certified Nationally Ranked Woman's NPC/IFBB Fintess Competitor