Developing a healthier relationship with "Self", Body Image and your connection with Food.

Meaningful learning is actively observing to create wisdom, purpose, and joy in our lives. Observation is so powerful and the key to lifelong learning, understanding and healing.

Taking time to connect with yourself intuitively allows you to observe connections and insights that enlighten you to achieve your life desires and aspirations. Slowing down enough to be able to ask yourself if your choices and actions are aligned with your core values, life purpose or desires. What makes you happy? What inspires you?

When you are able to observe, you are able to identify the feelings attached to the action, having more of an understanding of the behavior connected to the “feelings” being triggered. You are then able to allow the “Why” to come into your awareness giving yourself the permission to ask, “Is this true in this particular situation?” When you connect the dots to the truth in that moment you are able to make a conscious decision on eating a certain food without the guilt or shame attached to it. Ask yourself, “How am I feeling? What do I need in very moment on an emotional level?”

Intuitive Eating is observing. This takes effort to actively choose to observe rather than passively acting (autopilot). Intuitive Eating means to actively process what is going on inside of you on an emotional level. When you reflect on what you feel, you will observe insight giving you the power of choice!

Principle 1 on Intuitive Eating - “Observing”

Take time to slow down to be silent. When you are too busy you can’t listen or understand what is going on inside of you. Life is full of distractions and surrounds us at all times. Creating the practice and discipline of learning to quiet the mind, allows you to connect with yourself on an emotional level. This helps us become more intuitive to our needs, desires and life purpose, paving a path of clarity.

Writing your feelings down. When you write what you feel you are giving yourself permission to release stored energy sitting within your body. This can be an emotional heaviness that is imprinted within the physical body holding you back from “letting go” of the physical weight. Allow yourself to write your negative emotions. This is often challenging for most individuals because, it feeds the victim mindset. Yet, it’s that same victim mindset that is still being stored within your physical body. In order to “free” the victim you have to let it be heard. Allow the victim to be heard. After releasing the victim within you, re-write your story in a place of appreciation, a learning experience, the growth and wisdom you have acquired from your adversities. Write how your experiences have empowered you to be the beautiful, insightful individual you are today!

When we feel superficially, we see superficially. Thus, our results are superficial and short-lived. It is in the moment that we start observing, we make space to feel on a deeper level, creating a greater purpose of life, developing a healthier relationship with “Self”, our body image and our relationship with food.

With Love,