Living An Inspirational Lifestyle

“Living an Inspirational Lifestyle”

A year ago I desired to make changes in my life. I wanted to hone in on certain aspects of my profession, gifts, and talents. I knew I was ready to open myself up to truly create the life I desired.

Over the years I had been intuitively working through the steps in, “Living an Inspirational Lifestyle” with myself and in my coaching practice. Yet, I felt I wanted to go deeper and really observe myself in each step to break past limiting beliefs and manifest what I was truly desiring in my professional life and personal life.

When starting this series I didn’t know what step would come from the next. I let that organically flow and come to me during each process. Although, I did know Love was going to be a common thread in this series. This came to me in a writing I shared last Valentines Day saying, “Love is creation. This ignites our inspiration and this feeling within us transcends in our mind, emotions, body, and spirit.” It was from this writing on Valentines Day I knew that my practice and series was going to be called, “Living and Inspirational Lifestyle”.

Inspiration is creativity and when we are in a place of self-love and love for others we create “joy” and joy is inspiring! “Living an Inspirational Lifestyle”, is about freedom to love ourselves unconditionally, accepting ourselves to our core, appreciating our value, and honoring our gifts. While shifting our focus from “I” to an awareness of others, asking ourselves, “how does my creativity bring a sense of light and inspiration to others? How can I help to inspire others to grow using creativity in a process that I feel passionate about?”

In my coaching I guide client’s in the steps to, “Living an Inspirational Lifestyle”, helping client’s to reconnect with their love, joy and creativity. I am offering 30 minute free consultations to all who are looking to create personal freedom. You can also subscribe to my mailing list and I will email the six steps to, “Living an Inspirational Lifestyle” for free in a PDF workbook.