5 Ways To Live A Happier Life


Food has the holistic ability to balance our hormones which affects your mood. This has a profound impact on our emotional well-being. Avoid processed foods, alcohol, and refined sugars. Focus on whole foods such as fruits and vegetables. Get a variety of lean proteins and include healthy whole grains. Providing your body and mind with healthy nutrients will give your more clarity, energy, and balance to your life, creating a happier, healthier you.


When you exercise on a regular basis you feel less stressed, anxious and happier. Exercise releases dopamine a neurotransmitter that is necessary for feeling pleasure and happiness. This eases stress and energizes you. Along, with boosting your confidence!


Getting a proper amount of sleep each night plays a huge role in ensuring a high quality of life. You feel better when you get the right amount of sleep each night. This plays an important role in your physical health and mental clarity. During sleep growth hormones our released to repair cellular tissue. If your body isn't given the time to secrete growth hormones to repair cellular tissue your body does the opposite by releasing the hormone cortisol. This affects weight gain, accelerates the aging process and increases chances of depression. Get on a healthy sleep routine for your body to release proper amounts of growth hormones so you can feel healthy, reduce weight gain and feel happier.


Meditation creates inner peace and calmness. It helps you let go of those circling thoughts that keep you from sleeping at night. This helps you have a deeper more refreshing sleep. Meditating can also help improve your memory, awaken the creative parts of your brain and reduce anxiety. Studies have shown that meditating can re-wire your brain so that the neural pathways responsible for fear and anxious thoughts are weakened. One of the most amazing benefits of meditation is that it can make you a kinder and more loving person. What better way to attract more happiness into your life!


Embracing gratitude is a feeling. It is a powerful tool to help change your perspective. A helpful and easy exercise you can do to practice gratitude is to make a list of all the things you are grateful for in your life. Start a gratitude journal. This will allow you to look back at how far you have come over the years. You will be able to see the challenges you've overcome and how resilient you are. This helps by taking you off autopilot and back into mindfulness. This gives you the ability to stay in the present moment; Which is the key to feeling grateful and living a healthier lifestyle. Once you start embracing gratitude you will become a happier individual. the relationships around you will be healthier, you will feel more in control of your life instead of life just happening to you. This takes you out of the victim mindset and allows you to truly experience life.


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Making Magic

We all love that feeling when we wake up and live out our purpose making magic.

Magic is small little miracles each day that you put out to the universe. Sometimes, not even aware of your own ability to manifest your desires.

When you become connected with your ability to manifest and create magic in your life, miracles start to happen all around you. I love this quote by Abraham Maslow “What is necessary to change a person is to change his awareness of himself.”

Breaking away from old egocentric patterns / thinking gives yourself the ability to believe you are capable of much more in your life. It moves you to a higher level of consciousness expanding your life, living for something greater. It’s no longer just living for yourself.

The secret to harnessing your ability to manifest is BELIEVING IN YOUR SELF AND YOUR UNIQUENESS. It’s the ability to share the special gifts you have within you to the world around you. If you think it, you can do it! The doors will open for you. The universe will conspire to help you with your life desires. Take action!

When you take action the universe brings the right people and timing to support your mission giving you the readiness to light up the world. This is the divine timing for you to grow and expand and will lead you to your highest good taking you closer to your true self.

Repeat after me...
I am ready to grow and expand
I am ready to move to the next level
I take full responsibility for myself and actions
I have the desire to develop new skills and thinking
This brings me peaceful energy



God, grant me the serenity to

Accept the things I cannot change,

Courage to change the things I can,

And wisdom to know the difference.


Accepting what you cannot change.

Have you ever tried accepting instead of trying to change or resist a situation?

We often want to fix a situation or a certain dynamic to our benefit instead of accepting it for what it is.

This is a way to control.  Ultimately, causing ourselves more pain and suffering.

When we accept, we release the control and allow ourselves to embrace the reality.  This creates the potential for personal growth through the experience that is provided.  It allows us to explore the pain we are inflecting on ourselves instead of resisting.

We have a choice.  We can accept or reject.

Acceptance is an active process.  It must be practiced. This requires a conscious effort. Here are five ways to help you practice acceptance.

1.       Stop Resisting – When we resist, we create more suffering prolonging our current state. I know this sounds cliché. But you must feel your wounds. We control out of our own fears and traumas. Face your wounds without deflecting.

2.       Develop Mindfulness – With self-reflection and doing the introspective work we release the need to control or fix. Self-reflection will challenge your attitude helping to develop a greater sense of personal freedom. Where there is personal freedom there is no need to control.

3.       Desires vs. Distractions – It is okay to have desires. This helps us manifest. Yet, it is when our desires lead us to rejecting our current experience that we create difficulties causing more suffering. This becomes a form of distraction and creates internal conflict. Staying present to your current situation is the path to your desires.

4.       Turn sadness to Joy – Sadness is a healthy emotion. One of the greatest ways to heal wounds or accept a situation is by building more emotional resilience. This is through feeling and honoring the emotion “sadness”. We are taught not to cry, to be happy all the time. This simply denies us of the pure joy we can possibly experience in life. Experiencing sadness helps us identify what we want in life and in our interpersonal relationships. This helps develop our self-worth.

5.       Seek Guidance for Strength – We can’t rely on ourselves to do all the work. We don’t always have the strength. We do not have all the answers. But, your higher power does. Ask for help from your higher power. Acknowledge your weakness. Ask for strength and guidance. When we ask for strength and help from our higher power, we release the burden from “self” to our faith. The emotional weight will lift, and you will be able to follow the guidance provided to you. Have faith you are not meant to do it all yourself.

I am Patient Because I am at Peace

The essence of the heart is of love, joy, peace, and kindness. This takes patience.

Patience is not a skill most of us are born with.  Patience is a skill that most of us learn to develop as we become more self-aware and deepen our spiritual relationship with ‘Self’ and our high power.

Within the practice of patience there is the surrendering process.  This is what challenges our patience. The surrendering process challenges us to 'let go' of what we are afraid of to make space for what the Universe has intended for us.  

There are many times in my life where I have been deeply challenged to be patient having to surrender to my fears in the moment.  Ultimately, it came down to the timing the Universe or God had planned for me. The timing of my profession blossoming was in my weakest moments. Within my willingness to surrender to my higher power for guidance allowed me to release control of what I ‘thought’ should be.

I recently married, my husband is everything I had prayed for and more! I do not believe I would have met him or married him if I had not surrendered to God's calling to change directions in my professional path. The willingness to surrender to my calling in my work required an immense amount of healing. I dedicated two years developing a healthier relationship with myself and to go deeper into my professional work by helping others.  It was staying present in the moment, appreciating my life and the simplicity that required patience of me.  But I knew in my heart what my higher power was asking of me. If I followed God’s calling, he would provide.


You see, if we ask God for what we want in our deepest desire he will provide.  Maybe not on the timing that we want, but within the practice of patience is our lesson, our growth, our surrendering to the greater plan. When we no longer resist out of fear this is when we fully embrace. That is when God provides for us. It is the embracing that we lean in more and allow ourselves to completely surrender. This gives us the gift of patience.


Patience gives us the strength to love, to be nurturing, kind, compassionate and to be of service. When we develop a greater spiritual practice of patience, we are emotionally healthier, better partners, friends, lovers and parents.  It helps us achieve our life goals, dreams and desires. It develops our overall mindfulness of gratitude towards life. 

6 ways to embody ‘Patience’ in your spiritual practice

1. Be Still 

Being still allows us to clear out the noise and distractions so we can listen to what our fears are telling us. This allows us to hear what we truly want in our heart. We must learn the different voices between Fear and Love.

2. Surrender

Surrender to the voice in your heart, your higher power, your spiritual self. This is your desire and calling. Fear controls us from our spiritual self.

3. Ask

Ask for your heart desires. Put it out to the Universe, pray on it and ask for God’s guidance.

4. Listen

Listen to the voice giving you the answers to creating your desires.

5. Follow

Follow the path, this path provides…

6. Gratitude

Through your process practice ‘thankfulness’ for the lesson, growth and challenges. This allows you to appreciate life beyond your current scope and perspective. It opens an expansiveness that there’s more than ‘self’ as we are all connected as one.  This creates a higher level of vibration and attraction through energy. The Universe ‘God’ is the creator of all sources of energy, between our human state of reality and our spiritual realms.

I am a patient spiritual being. 

I know that everything in my life comes to me is at God's perfect timing. 

I do not force my life process, for it is all unfolding at God's perfect timing. 

In waiting, there is always a life lesson for me to learn. 

I am still, I surrender, I am at peace. 

 I use my patience to nurture, to love, to be kindness and to help others.  

I am compassion. 

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Fresh Summer Salad

Fresh Summer Citrus Salad. I love making salads. It is an easy way to adopt healthier eating habits daily. The crunchiness, color and texture can be fun to make too! It’s a great way to increase your fiber, help lower Cholesterol Levels. Along with the high dose of greens is an excellent way to get a powerful source of Antioxidants, Vitamin C & E, and Folic Acid. Salads also enhance the feeling of fullness helping you to lose weight.


Benefits of Juicing

Juicing offers many healthy benefits, including faster and more efficient way to absorb nutrients, an easy way to consume fresh produce, and flooding the body with micronutrients. Here are a few benefits juicing can help your overall health.

Reduce Inflammation

Inflammation occurs when the body is overloaded with toxins or has been under stress for a period of time.  This can happen from eating poorly to experiencing stress in your personal or professional life. Inflammation accumulates in the body  causing your cellular system and organs to not function properly.  We can all benefits from reducing inflammation in the body.

Help with Weight-Loss

Juicing is a great way to replace unhealthy foods, which helps with weight-loss.  Juicing is low in calories yet still delivers all the plant nutrition needed to reduce acidity in the body that may be preventing you from keeping the weight off.

Glowing Healthy Skin

Fruit and vegetables are full of antioxidants and other plant ingredients that are naturally healing for the skin.  Vitamin A, C and E are especially beneficial for protecting the skin against UV rays, which may cause premature aging.  Antioxidants are also great for repairing damaged skin and can reduce the appearance of scars and acne.  Vegetables and fruits that help promote healthy skin are cucumbers, spinach, kale, beets, carrots, apples and celery.

Fight Fatigue 

Diet plays a major role in lack of energy.  Juicing can help deliver the nutrients needed to get through the day at a faster rate.  This is because juices comes in a liquid form that has already been broken down, so the digestion system doesn't need to do much work.  The nutrients from the juice are immediately absorbed into the blood stream to provide instant energy.  Juicing also saves the digestive system from working too hard after ingesting a large meal.



You can transform and change.

You can transform and change the mind. You can transform and change your life. To transform you must let go of what no longer serves you and make space for a more expansive scope on life.

Transformation is a beautiful process. Yet, it can often feel messy and uncomfortable. Your inner critic will challenge your personal truth. Your inner critic will tell you that you aren’t good enough or deserving. Your inner critic will be afraid of failure. Your inner critic will question your resiliency. Your inner critic will do an excellent job of holding onto other people’s words. Your inner critic creates fear blocking you from living the life your desire.

To live the life you desire, you must honor your voice of unconditional love to remove the blocks from your inner critic. When you learn the skills to listen to your voice of unconditional love and intuitiveness, you will create personal freedom in your life. This personal freedom allows you to become...


Welcome Back

Do you ever have those moments where you let the perception of others dictate your choices?

Amongst the fog of it all you wake up asking yourself, “Where am I. Who am I”? Realizing you got caught up in Judgment.

Daily we are judged. Judgement is ones personal perspective. It is our perception when we do not or cannot understand a particular choice or situation.

What happens when you are surrounded by judgement? Do you start making choices or acting in ways to conform dodging the bullets? Only to find yourself falling back into your old conditioned beliefs or ways? Or do you stay grounded in who you have become and confident in your choices?

It takes courage to choose a path that challenges you to think outside of your conditioned beliefs. This requires us to be open.

OPEN is such a powerful word. Being open requires us to connect, to relate and be understanding. It challenges us to step outside of our self and be open to different perspectives. When we are open, we are in the opposite space of judgement.

A reminder, when you have forgotten who you are and where you are, to reconnect with yourself. Ask yourself, “How did I get here?” Have you been living out of a space of fear? Fear of being judged?

Once you remove the fear of judgement, Welcome Back!



Creating long term happiness is a skill. Sustainable happiness is about shifting the way you think and live. Here are three steps you can practice daily to create happiness in your life.

Take Action by Devotion. Devotion is a way of being. It requires you to be in the moment. Devoting yourself daily to stay in the moment gives you the ability to be your best. When your focus becomes being your best each day in the moment brings a sense of happiness.

Hold Accountability with Appreciation. Appreciation challenges our thoughts, feelings, and words. It creates a shift in the mind from negative to positive. When you have a negative thought about yourself replace it with something you love about yourself. If you find yourself in a hard situation appreciate the lesson and growth you are gaining. Are you seeing negative traits you dislike about someone, hold compassion for them. Appreciation teaches us expansion of happiness.

Harness your Inspiration through Passion. When you discover your passion it will make you light up. Your passion(s) is your gift to others. It is your strength meant to be shared with the world around you. Helping others through your passion(s) and gift(s) is your life purpose. This is extremely powerful to your personal growth and life direction. When you harness your Inspiration through passion and helping others will create a lifetime of happiness.


Keys to setting Boundaries and establishing self-care:

1. Clearly Identify your boundaries. - We need boundaries. They establish our wants, needs, and desires.

2. Understand why you need boundaries. - They protect our intentions (purpose).

3. Be straightforward. - The kindest and most successful approach is to be direct.

4. Don’t apologize or explain. - That only undermines yourself.

5. Use a calm and polite tone. - You will be heard more effectively.

6. Start with tighter boundaries. - It’s always easier to start with tighter boundaries and loosen up once you’ve established a healthy relationship.

7. Address boundary violations early. - Others don’t know your boundaries. You must communicate them.

8. Use a support system. - Setting boundaries can be uncomfortable at the beginning. Reach out to a coach or mentor who has established healthy boundaries in their life to support you in your process.

9. Trust your Intuition. - Slow down and pay attention to what you are feeling. What is your gut telling you?


What is spirituality?

A question I have been meditating on lately.

I believe spirituality is infinite consciousness and all that is. It is universal love that grows in our hearts and creates peace.

Spirituality is developed within a person and extends to all facets of one’s life.

Spirituality is found deep within ourselves. It is in our loving ways, in our acceptance and how we relate to the world and the people around us.

Spirituality is exploring a relationship with self to develop a higher self and connection with your higher power. This holds no rules. It is about developing awareness of our emotions, personal triggers, self-judgement and judgment we place on others.

Reaching a higher self is through unconditional love and this challenges our judgement, our fears, beliefs and conditionings. Spirituality is having the ability to show up with grace for others with alternative beliefs or lifestyle.

Spirituality encourages you to reason it all, to questions it all and opens you up to the ability of choice. To choose to follow your inner voice, to explore, to discover, to transform, to break past rules, judgement and conditionings. To release control and be guided by your higher power, opening oneself to awareness and individuality.

There are many times in our lives when we will feel judged. Let yourself be judged. You can not control others beliefs, values or perception. You can however control how you feel about yourself, your journey, and honoring your life process without justification. Other’s rules are not yours and no one path is alike.

When you are confident in who you are, your relationship with your spiritual growth and staying true to your higher self and higher power, you are living in your truth.

Living in your truth is self-love and this love naturally transcends to others. This kind of love is contagious and creates peace within us and peace around us, helping ourselves and helping to heal others.

Spirituality brings us into alignment with all creation in simple pleasures heightening our senses. Spirituality is Divine and with you wherever you go.

Peace be with you.


Developing a healthier relationship with "Self", Body Image and your connection with Food.

Meaningful learning is actively observing to create wisdom, purpose, and joy in our lives. Observation is so powerful and the key to lifelong learning, understanding and healing.

Taking time to connect with yourself intuitively allows you to observe connections and insights that enlighten you to achieve your life desires and aspirations. Slowing down enough to be able to ask yourself if your choices and actions are aligned with your core values, life purpose or desires. What makes you happy? What inspires you?

When you are able to observe, you are able to identify the feelings attached to the action, having more of an understanding of the behavior connected to the “feelings” being triggered. You are then able to allow the “Why” to come into your awareness giving yourself the permission to ask, “Is this true in this particular situation?” When you connect the dots to the truth in that moment you are able to make a conscious decision on eating a certain food without the guilt or shame attached to it. Ask yourself, “How am I feeling? What do I need in very moment on an emotional level?”

Intuitive Eating is observing. This takes effort to actively choose to observe rather than passively acting (autopilot). Intuitive Eating means to actively process what is going on inside of you on an emotional level. When you reflect on what you feel, you will observe insight giving you the power of choice!

Principle 1 on Intuitive Eating - “Observing”

Take time to slow down to be silent. When you are too busy you can’t listen or understand what is going on inside of you. Life is full of distractions and surrounds us at all times. Creating the practice and discipline of learning to quiet the mind, allows you to connect with yourself on an emotional level. This helps us become more intuitive to our needs, desires and life purpose, paving a path of clarity.

Writing your feelings down. When you write what you feel you are giving yourself permission to release stored energy sitting within your body. This can be an emotional heaviness that is imprinted within the physical body holding you back from “letting go” of the physical weight. Allow yourself to write your negative emotions. This is often challenging for most individuals because, it feeds the victim mindset. Yet, it’s that same victim mindset that is still being stored within your physical body. In order to “free” the victim you have to let it be heard. Allow the victim to be heard. After releasing the victim within you, re-write your story in a place of appreciation, a learning experience, the growth and wisdom you have acquired from your adversities. Write how your experiences have empowered you to be the beautiful, insightful individual you are today!

When we feel superficially, we see superficially. Thus, our results are superficial and short-lived. It is in the moment that we start observing, we make space to feel on a deeper level, creating a greater purpose of life, developing a healthier relationship with “Self”, our body image and our relationship with food.

With Love,



Intuitive Eating

How to make peace with food. How to stop fighting the feelings of guilt and shame, challenging negative thoughts that you are “good” or “bad”.

Key components to listening to your body and observing the signs to rediscover the pleasure in food and living a healthy lifestyle.

How to honor your feelings without using food. Along, with respecting your body and stop being overly critical.

Letting go of the idea that exercise has to be hardcore! Shifting the focus on how you feel, such as energized and the stress reducing effects.

How to truly honor your health, developing a healthy relationship with food and your body image.

Living An Inspirational Lifestyle

“Living an Inspirational Lifestyle”

A year ago I desired to make changes in my life. I wanted to hone in on certain aspects of my profession, gifts, and talents. I knew I was ready to open myself up to truly create the life I desired.

Over the years I had been intuitively working through the steps in, “Living an Inspirational Lifestyle” with myself and in my coaching practice. Yet, I felt I wanted to go deeper and really observe myself in each step to break past limiting beliefs and manifest what I was truly desiring in my professional life and personal life.

When starting this series I didn’t know what step would come from the next. I let that organically flow and come to me during each process. Although, I did know Love was going to be a common thread in this series. This came to me in a writing I shared last Valentines Day saying, “Love is creation. This ignites our inspiration and this feeling within us transcends in our mind, emotions, body, and spirit.” It was from this writing on Valentines Day I knew that my practice and series was going to be called, “Living and Inspirational Lifestyle”.

Inspiration is creativity and when we are in a place of self-love and love for others we create “joy” and joy is inspiring! “Living an Inspirational Lifestyle”, is about freedom to love ourselves unconditionally, accepting ourselves to our core, appreciating our value, and honoring our gifts. While shifting our focus from “I” to an awareness of others, asking ourselves, “how does my creativity bring a sense of light and inspiration to others? How can I help to inspire others to grow using creativity in a process that I feel passionate about?”

In my coaching I guide client’s in the steps to, “Living an Inspirational Lifestyle”, helping client’s to reconnect with their love, joy and creativity. I am offering 30 minute free consultations to all who are looking to create personal freedom. You can also subscribe to my mailing list and I will email the six steps to, “Living an Inspirational Lifestyle” for free in a PDF workbook.