Are you living your


on autopilot?

Are you living your life on autopilot?

Just getting through your daily tasks and each day feels like it’s on the repeat button? How do we get off repeat and get reconnected?
Step #1 To Harnessing your Inspiration. Create your Inspirational Blue Print by writing your Inventory List. This list includes:
1. Old passions
2. Trying new things
3. Exploring
4. Learning
5. Growing
6. Enjoying simplicity

Here is #1 simple exercise to get reconnected with your Inspirational Blue Print by writing your Inventory List. I suggest you take 10 minutes before bed and write three categories to your Inventory List.

First category- List five simple inexpensive activities that you love and enjoy. (Exclude TV and Video Games)

Second Category - List Five activities or hobbies that you enjoyed in the past and had a passion for but, have become disconnected from. You can go as far back as when you where a young child. Those are usually the best ones! Think back and use your child-like imagination!

Third Category- List five things you want to try and explore that you have not yet experienced. Think of activities that will open you up to new cultures and perspectives.

So, the first step to living and inspirational lifestyle is harness the simplicities in life and find beauty in those moments; reconnected with old hobbies and passions, and explore new experiences!