Your Best Friend

Your best friend allows herself alone time.  She does this each day because, it brings her joy. She calls it her, "me time". Allowing herself to do something creative and relaxing. During this time she embraces her thoughts, her beautiful gifts and talents. As well, as her accomplishments. Allowing herself recognition before others. She enjoys her beauty above all. She is her own advocate.  Wrapping hers arms around her accomplishments and holding them close. Her "Inner advocate", what was once vulnerable is now more powerful and resilient! Over shadowing, "the critic" inside of her. She locks and connects with her beautiful power!

Your best friend forgives. She forgives herself before others. Knowing that she is human and perfection holds no value to her kindness. This kindness she values, speaks to her in a mantra;

Relax put the mind at easeRest and rechargeReflect and improve Release and let goMove forward and surrender control

Your best friend eats healthy and likes it! She exercises and enjoys it! They consist of her daily routine because, she knows it allows her the clarity to love, create and be of services to others.

She respects herself! By doing this she doesn't allow others to dictate her value. She trusts her intuition and thinks for herself. She forms her own opinions. She doesn't compare herself to others. As she knows she is her own masterpiece to her universe. She is her own mastermind honoring all her qualities and attributes. Holding them close to her heart.

Your best friend fails! She lifts herself up. She turns to her successes to be her "guiding light". She speaks to herself; "I'm enough, just as I am. I'm worthy, just as I am.

I'm deserving to have all my heart desires." She honors her dreams. She takes them seriously. She creates plans and uses a multitude of methods to achieve her goals. She believes in herself. She knows her strengths and accepts their power. She owns her weaknesses and nurtures them. Allowing herself to have success and knows that failure is always apart of the life process. Your best friend. Your advocate. That powerful voice inside your head saying to you, "BE YOU"!

Steph Zangeneh Azam

Wild Within Studio, California

Graphic design + photography for women who make and do cool things.