Just finished up a three hour yoga class, "Ready to Bloom" at Raw Yoga Center down the street from my house. The focus was on the Heart Chakra.  Practicing yoga postures that help release the weight we carry from emotions around this particular chakra space. Staying in-tune with the breath to send life and energy into this space by allowing more flow, love and creative expression of oneself. We practiced Vinyasa, Hatha, forms of meditation and releasing our thoughts in our journals as emotions or feelings came into our conscious mind. Another practice was placing our hand on our Heart Chakra and feeling our breath. I noticed that when I would fill my Heart Chakra up with breath my right side of the Heart Chakra was much more dominant than, my left side. The right side of the Heart Chakra is our Masculine Aspects- Drive (focus), independence, competitiveness and confidence. The left side of the Heart Chakra is the more Feminine aspects of ourselves- kind, compassionate and nurturing.

We all carry or hold these  aspects within our heart. Myself knowing that I've been more dominant in the right side of my Heart Chakra out of a need to survive. Yet, realizing that a Survival existence is no longer serving me! I'm ready to balance out my left Heart Chakra, the more feminine aspects of myself. Opening more space to love myself and others around me.

Often times we cut off a life source, denying ourselves the essentials to live life to our fullest!  It's allowing ourselves to be vulnerable. I am scared to be vulnerable because, I hate the feeling of being weak or helpless. From my past experiences and conditionings I've attached negative emotions to these aspects of my Heart Chakra and have been protecting it by leading with my masculine (right) side. In order for me to have the relationship I want with myself and others, it's practicing being vulnerable.

Steph Zangeneh Azam

Wild Within Studio, California

Graphic design + photography for women who make and do cool things.