What is self-worth? What is intrinsic value? What are your unique qualities that make you, you? Have you ever asked yourself these questions? These are often tough questions to ask ourselves. As a society we have been conditioned to measure our self-worth on external factors, status or extrinsic value. But, it really comes down to valuing our inherent worth as a person on an intrinsic level. Allowing ourselves to detach externally and truly discover our value as an individual. Exploring all the unique qualities that we possess. These unique qualities should align with our values. When they do not align, conflict develops within. What are your values? Our values play such an important role to our self-worth and creating a transcendent life. They are the things that you believe are important in the way you live and work. This is often how we determine our priorities and the measures we use to adjust our life compass. I find it extremely important to continuously make a conscious effort to identify our self-worth and values. As we become more aware, our values shift. Mine are exploration, enlightenment, growth, creativity, freedom, balance, peacefulness, transparency and clarity. Also, knowing our intrinsic value. That's something within us and I like to call it our "gifts". It's the essence of who we are and what makes us special. Who are you?

Steph Zangeneh Azam

Wild Within Studio, California

Graphic design + photography for women who make and do cool things.