Your FEAR of SUCCESS is in love with self-sabotage.

Success is departing what's familiar and abandoning the present, embracing the unknown while taking risk, feeling uncomfortable.

When we commit to starting and finishing a project, that's our call to adventure! Refusing the call is self-sabotage. Addiction is the most common form of self-sabotaging. Preventing us from growing.

Along the way we will reconsider our goal or completing our project. Someone at this moment will enter our lives having us continue our efforts to complete the project. (A mentor)

At this point there will be TESTS! Life events and people that will distract us, including ourselves. The greatest will be our old self testing your new self, in a form of perfectionism. Reaching a place of no return! With new insight and potentially life-changing.  Your project hits a road block! But, because of these personal discoveries you are not going to let it prevent you from reaching your goal.

REWARD! Reaching your goal and completion of your project. Now for the road home from which you started the adventure. Resurrecting a brand new self with personal discoveries. This is your new identity revealing itself to you and the world.

Returning home with the MAGIC! The magic is sharing your new self and discoveries in a helpful message. It's giving back to others based on your new understanding and adventure!

Steph Zangeneh Azam

Wild Within Studio, California

Graphic design + photography for women who make and do cool things.