Merry Christmas to everyone! Christmas has a way for us to hold inventory on our lives, upbringing and faith. Not just the past. But, the present and future. Speaking with my mother earlier while we prep food for the guest that will grace us today, we spoke about Christianity. My sisters and I being raised Catholic, I told her I've come to an age that I believe Christmas is a celebration of basic spiritual faith and the kindness of being an authentic human being. Her reply was, Well Christmas is a Christian Holiday, all that we've learnt in the scriptures is a symbolic sense.

Some say God, some say Universe. Jesus, was to deliver the basic message of humanitarianism to all. Along, with his disciples. This is not to far off from yogis or bodybuilders. We all practice our religion differently but, seeking the same which, is purpose.

Although, I am Catholic, I consider myself more spiritual. My family is very open minded. Christmas is often spent at my parents home with my sisters, their in-laws join. We have religions of Christianity, Quaker, Hindu. We make different foods from Italian, Vegan, Vegetarian and all sorts of dishes to bring together all religions and cultures, which to us is family. From my family to yours.

Steph Zangeneh Azam

Wild Within Studio, California

Graphic design + photography for women who make and do cool things.