Explore! Take Risks!

What's our truth? Our truth is what brings us joy in life and it comes with a sense of ease. It's inspiration to your heart. It helps you grow from the inside and transcends energy to others. Helping them to want to discover their personal truths. Explore! Exploring takes us on a journey to seeing life in different colors and perspectives. Making life more beautiful and joyful. Creating an essence about us.

Sit still! Sit still means to slow down and take time for yourself to be alone. This helps us discover what we truly want to do with our time. Learning our personal boundaries and not being afraid to communicate them out of fear. Discover! One thing I have clients do is write down three things they love or used to do as a younger individual.  Before they created distractions, attachments and accumulated more fear based patterns. Then, explore them! Even if it's simple. This helps take them back to their childhood essence. Feeling light and care-free, full of inspiration! The power of choice! I always give myself two options. I make my choice by which one makes me feel more connected to life. Then, I flow with it. Intuition. We can't learn this from a book or schooling. We learn this through adversities, failures, successes, thinking outside the box. The best way is through creating. When we are running on the inspirational mind, our intuition is at a higher frequency. It will speak to us more clearly and at a faster rate. Change. Don't be afraid of change. Or to even change your mind. You have the right to change your life or mind at any point. Listen to your internal compass. You may not know the answer right away. Just sit with it and it will come clear at the right moment. Rest and Learn! One thing that I've embraced in my life over the years is meditation and rest. This allows me to learn more about myself on an emotional levels. Creating more emotional intimacy within my heart. A happier path! Let life flow. I have learned that if I'm on a path and it's causing more struggle and causing more pain, to step back and not force it. It may not be the right time. It means there's a slightly different approach  that could be taken and I haven't yet learned that in my life process. Signs! They always appear at the right moment. Even if it's the opposite of what you've intellectually planned. Follow! Remember, everything meant to be will come full circle. Risks! Follow your gifts and dreams. Don't be afraid to take risks.

Steph Zangeneh Azam

Wild Within Studio, California

Graphic design + photography for women who make and do cool things.