It's crazy and exciting to see the rebranding of my business coming to life! This seed was planted over two years ago with an awakening. I wanted to transform myself from my self-imposed thoughts and lifestyle. Slowly break free from my conditioned beliefs.  To allow space for what I truly desired! To embrace my vulnerability, open up my true authentic essence of self-love and love for others. My life is my art. My lifestyle. The processes I experience transcends through my mind & body on so many levels. With these beautiful gifts I've discovered I am able to share with others. My life's work is to help guide others in this process and experience.  Creating beauty, bursts of color throughout all dimensions and aspects of their life.

Our World reflects the essence within us! Over this past two years of this rebranding transformation, I was transforming myself in a deep intimate space. Within this time life sent me a series of test to see if I had broken free from illusions and attachments. When these lessons came. They came fast! Then even faster! The faster they came was a reflection that I had no longer held onto my limiting beliefs (story). I had discovered and nurtured my truth in these series of lessons.

I want to thank all the amazing women that have magically shown up in my life. They kept showing up in quality. I was so amazed by their unique beauty, artisticmind and spiritual essence. We are a synergy of women supporting our gifts. We are a reflection of each other. Thank you, Steph at The Wild Within Co. for the serendipity of this all! You are an amazing artist, designer and beautiful individual.

Steph Zangeneh Azam

Wild Within Studio, California

Graphic design + photography for women who make and do cool things.