Are you living your


on autopilot?

Are you living your life on autopilot?

Just getting through your daily tasks and each day feels like it’s on the repeat button? How do we get off repeat and get reconnected?
Step #1 To Harnessing your Inspiration. Create your Inspirational Blue Print by writing your Inventory List. This list includes:
1. Old passions
2. Trying new things
3. Exploring
4. Learning
5. Growing
6. Enjoying simplicity

Here is #1 simple exercise to get reconnected with your Inspirational Blue Print by writing your Inventory List. I suggest you take 10 minutes before bed and write three categories to your Inventory List.

First category- List five simple inexpensive activities that you love and enjoy. (Exclude TV and Video Games)

Second Category - List Five activities or hobbies that you enjoyed in the past and had a passion for but, have become disconnected from. You can go as far back as when you where a young child. Those are usually the best ones! Think back and use your child-like imagination!

Third Category- List five things you want to try and explore that you have not yet experienced. Think of activities that will open you up to new cultures and perspectives.

So, the first step to living and inspirational lifestyle is harness the simplicities in life and find beauty in those moments; reconnected with old hobbies and passions, and explore new experiences!

Feeling an imbalance with your hormones?

Hormones are your body’s chemical messengers. They help control practically every physiological process in your body, including:

* metabolism
* immune system
* menstrual cycle
* reproduction

A precise hormonal balance is vital to proper body functioning. Certain foods in your diet can restore or throw off the balance of your hormones. Eating a well-balanced diet is essential.
Here is one of my client’s experience dealing with hormone imbalance and losing 20 pounds in the process.
Let's just say turning 40 threw me for a loop! I found that I was struggling with my weight and my body was changing in really weird ways. Not only was I struggling with my body changing, I started too feel like my hormones were all over the place and I was easily affected by stress.
I felt like my life was moving so fast and I couldn't get a handle on the breaks. All of this started to make me unravel at the seams.
That's when I decided it was time to reach out to Danielle. I've worked with her over the years and she just understands the female body so well. I trusted her and I knew that if I stuck to the meal plans and workouts, I could get the job done with the tweaking of my crazy hormones. It was amazing how quickly I started to feel like myself again.
There were those days that I wanted to shut down and run away but, she would remind me that we all go through this in the process. She would tell me It's important on how to recognize what we're feeling. To break it down and work on each feeling one at a time. I felt like I had to get my mind right before getting my body on track. And for that I thank her!
I will always be grateful that she is not only my coach she is my friend. I will continue my journey and know she will be there to provide me with encouragement and support! - Ceci


It's crazy and exciting to see the rebranding of my business coming to life! This seed was planted over two years ago with an awakening. I wanted to transform myself from my self-imposed thoughts and lifestyle. Slowly break free from my conditioned beliefs.  To allow space for what I truly desired! To embrace my vulnerability, open up my true authentic essence of self-love and love for others. My life is my art. My lifestyle. The processes I experience transcends through my mind & body on so many levels. With these beautiful gifts I've discovered I am able to share with others. My life's work is to help guide others in this process and experience.  Creating beauty, bursts of color throughout all dimensions and aspects of their life.

Our World reflects the essence within us! Over this past two years of this rebranding transformation, I was transforming myself in a deep intimate space. Within this time life sent me a series of test to see if I had broken free from illusions and attachments. When these lessons came. They came fast! Then even faster! The faster they came was a reflection that I had no longer held onto my limiting beliefs (story). I had discovered and nurtured my truth in these series of lessons.

I want to thank all the amazing women that have magically shown up in my life. They kept showing up in quality. I was so amazed by their unique beauty, artisticmind and spiritual essence. We are a synergy of women supporting our gifts. We are a reflection of each other. Thank you, Steph at The Wild Within Co. for the serendipity of this all! You are an amazing artist, designer and beautiful individual.